If you’re a business owner in this advanced digital age, it’s safe to say that AI is here to stay. With Google’s recent AI model expansion, day-to-day business operations will soon feature even more AI tools.

As Google describes its latest move, it’s fairly clear how essential Gemini could be to businesses. In particular, the platform hopes its AI model—Google Gemini—will benefit developers and enterprises of all sizes.

Read on to learn about Gemini and its impact on your business in the near future.

Google Launches Gemini in Three Sizes For Easy Customization

On the 6th of December, 2023, Google officially launched Gemini AI. Gemini is a large-scale AI system that can generate new content as requested.

The platform has built Gemini to decipher and combine information like humans read, see, hear, listen, and talk about different things simultaneously. It isn’t a single AI model, though. Google’s AI system comes in three sizes–Nano, Pro, and Ultra–and they’ve designed each version for different products and use cases your business could look into.

For instance: 

  • Nano is already in Google’s Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. 
  • A specially tuned version of Pro is currently powering Bard. 
  • Ultra is coming, and it’s meant to be Google’s most powerful large language model.

What Your Business Can Do With Gemini Pro Expansion

Google’s expanded Gemini Pro means developers can now create and build their use cases through Google’s Vertex AI or Generative AI Studio. Your business could use Google Gemini for all sorts of interesting things, such as:

  • Create AI chatbots
  • Streamline marketing presentations
  • Setup easy-to-query inventory databases
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Write code

With this in place, looking up information will be easier than ever.

Plus, if you’re worried about how much that will cost your business, you don’t need to be. A cloud customer can get Gemini Pro free, with some limits. Google says it also plans to have the AI system “competitively priced” in the long run, so whatever happens, it should be cheaper than Google’s PaLM 2.

Google’s Plans for the Future and Your Business

Gemini Pro can only accept text input and generate text-based results through its 32k context window. However, powerful models like the Ultra will be able to accept audio demos, video, and image content.

Over time, Gemini Pro will get more features like chat functionality as its machine learning becomes more accurate. The platform also plans to integrate this AI system into its search engine, advertising products, and more.

Google’s Transformative Move That Could Give Your Business An Impressive Silent Partner

Google executives believe that Gemini and other AI models will be more transformative to humanity than electricity or fire. They’ve named this system for the intellectually curious characteristic it seems to represent, but ultimately, Google Gemini’s success will be down to those who wield it. Suppose Google’s comments are anything to go by. In that case, the AI model will majorly boost businesses and developers everywhere.


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