Keeping the technology you use updated is more than just good practice. It is an essential step towards protecting your business. This is precisely the case with the recent Google Chrome 114 patch.

Why This Update Matters

The Google Chrome 114 update patches four security vulnerabilities in the desktop and Android versions of the browser. This also extends to third-party web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, and Opera that use Chrome at their core.

Three of these vulnerabilities are rated as “high” severity, only one step down from “critical.” This means your systems could be at serious risk if these vulnerabilities are exploited.

What’s At Stake for Your Business

Ignoring this update could leave your business open to cyber attacks. Attackers could exploit these vulnerabilities to access sensitive data, disrupt your operations, or even lock you out of your system. In an era where online interactions are at an all-time high, ensuring that your browser is secure is a must for the safety of your business and your customers’ data.

A Security Culture: Key to Business Success

While it is essential to update your browser as soon as a patch is available, it is equally important to maintain a culture of security in your business. Regularly train your team about the risks of outdated software and the importance of keeping systems updated.

Protecting Your Business From Cyber threats Is an Ongoing Process

The latest Google Chrome patch isn’t just a routine software upgrade. It is a crucial safeguard for your business. Software updates shield your business from potential cyber threats, securing your company’s critical data.

Don’t wait for an attack to happen. Keep your browser updated, create a security-focused culture, and safeguard your business’s future. It is your responsibility to stay vigilant in this ongoing process of protection.

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