In 2021, Google paid $8.7 million to researchers to find security vulnerabilities in its products and services. The year after that, the tech giant gave out $12 million. Since it launched its bug bounty program in 2010, it has paid over $50 million in rewards to successful bug hunters.

Google is running another bug bounty program and will again compensate successful researchers. The new Mobile Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP) aims to identify and correct security flaws in mobile apps.

Google’s Bug Bounty Program Emphasizes the Importance of Security

The fact that Google invests millions in its bug bounty program shows how much it prioritizes security. It is an example of how companies can be proactive in securing their digital platforms. It speeds up the process of identifying and addressing security flaws, ensuring the safety of customer data. Additionally, it pushes companies to keep improving their products and services.

Google’s new Mobile VRP focuses on first-party Android apps, categorizing them into three tiers. The first tier refers to the most crucial apps, including Gmail, Chrome, and Google Cloud. As for tier 2 and 3, these are the apps that Google’s research division developed. Google wants to prioritize bugs that allow data theft and arbitrary code execution. But it also wants to learn about other security threats that can become part of exploit chains.

Rewards depend on the severity of the flaw that researchers discover. But according to Google, it’s willing to give as much as $30,000 for vulnerabilities that allow for remote code execution. As for tier 2 and 3 apps, the maximum payout is $25,000 and $20,000 each. The minimum reward for qualifying reports is $500, but excellent writeups can earn researchers a $1,000 bonus. Google’s highest-ever reward was $605,000, and it went to a researcher who found an exploit chain with five vulnerabilities.

Proactive Measures Are the Key to Secure Digital Platforms

Google’s bug bounty program is one of the tech industry’s largest security initiatives. Businesses can leverage such measures to secure their mobile apps and other digital platforms. It is an opportunity to tap skills outside your organization and uncover security threats you may have overlooked. Dealing with vulnerabilities now rather than later can protect your business and customers from irrevocable damage.

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